The Shadanga Duo is formed of flutist Katalin Szanyi and clarinetist Jason Alder. The duo focuses on the performance of contemporary works, particularly those with complex rhythms, microtonality, and extended techniques. They also work with electronics and combine theatrical elements in their performance. They began collaborating in Amsterdam in 2013, and in 2014 had 7 new commissions written for them by members of the Danish composers group Snow Mask, which were premiered in December in Aarhus. Shadanga continues to commission works for all combinations of flutes and clarinets and primarily performs works written for them. They have been invited to perform at the International Clarinet Association ClarinetFest in Madrid, the European Clarinet Festivals in Gent, Camerino, and Győr, the Havana Festival of Contemporary Music, and the Istanbul Woodwind festival. The duo appears on the album Music for Bass Clarinets on the Aural Terrains label, featuring live recordings from a concert in London’s Cafe OTO.

The name Shadanga is a Sanskrit word meaning "six limbs", and in the Karnatic music of South India refers to a structure of the tala system of time keeping. Within the context of Indian art, the six limbs of Shadanga have been translated as: Rupabheda- The knowledge of appearances; Pramanam- Correct perception, measure and structure; Bhava- Action of feelings on forms; Lavanya Yojanam- Infusion of grace, artistic representation; Sadrisyam- Similitude; Varnikabhanga- Artistic manner of using the brush and colours. These concepts also reflect the musical ideology of the Shadanga Duo.


Flutist Kata Szanyi (HU) is a music and theater maker, performer, and teacher. Her repertoire is focused on contemporary compositions for flute, alto flute and piccolo. She is a remarkable physical performer and has a special interest in making theater and complex interdisciplinary performances.

Kata finished her Bachelor and Master’s studies in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, studying with Marieke Schneemann. Before coming to the Netherlands, she studied on an Erasmus program in Córdoba, Spain with Wendela van Swol. Her Master’s years were essential to finding her direction and approach to contemporary music-theater. Kata’s practice-based research is about the theatrical side of musicianship, reinforced through physical awareness. In addition to music performance, she has also trained as a physical performer/mime. During her research, supported by her coach and advisor Virág Dezső (Moving Academy for Performing Arts), she created music-theater pieces with the composer Felipe Ignacio Noriega and the scenographer Cinthya Oyervides. She has also premiered new compositions by Shoko Nagamachi, Louis Aguirre, Lucas Wiegerink, Wilma Pistorius, played in ensembles such as Holland Symphonia and Asko Schöenberg Ensemble, and worked with conductors Reinbert de Leeuw, Tan Dun, and Bart Schneemann. During her studies, she also attended master classes of Harrie Starreveld, Vincent Cortvrint, Marten Root (traverso), Kersten McCall, Jos Zwannenburg, András Adorján, and István Matuz.

Adler Jason ©Henri SELMER Paris_Laetitia Lécuyer (6).jpg

(Bass) clarinetist Jason Alder (US) holds degrees in clarinet performance (BMus, Michigan State University- US), bass clarinet performance (BMus, Conservatorium van Amsterdam- NL), creative improvisation (MMus, Artez Conservatorium- NL), and is currently finishing a PhD in music performance (Royal Northern College of Music- UK). He specializes in contemporary music and techniques and frequently works with composers to premiere new works. He strives to bring new repertoire to the lesser-played clarinets, and has commissioned a piece for alto clarinet and alto flute for Shadanga, as well as solo pieces for contrabass clarinet. Jason has played with contemporary ensembles such as Ostravska Banda, Insomnio, Amsterdam Collage Ensemble, regularly performs with the European Clarinet Association clarinet and bass clarinet ensembles, has worked with Klangforum Wien at the Impuls Academy, and has played at many contemporary music festivals including Gaudeamus, Ultima Oslo, Havana Festival, and the International Festival for Artistic Innovation. Jason frequently works with electronics and in 2010 reconstructed Stockhausen's piece "Solo for melody instrument and feedback” (1966) to be played with only a computer performing the roles of at least 6 people that were originally required, for which this performance was written about in bass clarinet legend Harry Sparnaay's book. 

In addition to composed music, Jason performs as an improviser and is also very interested in collaborative projects, particularly those involving interdisciplinary and multimedia aspects. He often works with dancers, theatermakers, visual artists, and videographers to create new performance art. Jason has published the most detailed and thorough extended range quarter-tone fingering charts available for clarinet and bass clarinet, used by many leading players around the world.

Jason is an artist for Selmer clarinets, D’Addario reeds, Silverstein ligatures, and Behn mouthpieces.




Bálint Baráth- "Színakkordok (Dancing Light Column)" for flute/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, and electronics Shadanga Duo: Katalin Szanyi- flute and alto flute Jason Alder- clarinet and bass clarinet 8 February 2017 Nonclassical @ The Victoria, Dalston London, UK
Shaun Davis "micro-stressors" for flute and bass clarinet (2018) 1. fluster 2. simmer 3. burst 4. forget Shadanga Duo Kata Szanyi, flute Jason Alder, bass clarinet Performed at Nador Terem, Budapest, Hungary 2 September 2018
Arpad Solti- "Shut it Down" for flute, bass clarinet, and electronics (2018) Shadanga Duo Kata Szanyi, flute, piccolo, alto flute Jason Alder, bass clarinet Performed at Nador Terem, Budapest, Hungary 2 September 2018
Louis Aguirre- Yalodde Yeyé Kari I. Eleke Oñi II. Oshun Olodí Shadanga Duo: Katalin Szanyi- flute & alto flute Jason Alder- clarinet
Third movement of Shadanga Pieces commisioned by the composer group "Snow Mask". The composition is fonded by the Danish Arts Foundation and it was premiered at Kunsthal Aarhus in Denmark by the Shadanga Duo (Kata Szanyi, flute and Jason Alder, clarinet). The composition is also dedicated Shadanga Duo.

Music for Bass Clarinets

Tim Hodgkinson, Jason Alder, Chris Cundy, Yoni Silver, Heather Roche, Shadanga Duo , Thanos Chrysakis

Duration 57.37 | Released September 2019

1. Isn’t This A Time (1982) Christian Wolff

Jason Alder, Chris Cundy, Heather Roche, Yoni Silver , Tim Hodgkinson  (bass clarinet)        

2. Nuclear Aura (2009) Iancu Dumitrescu

Tim Hodgkinson (clarinet)

3. Γνώμων/Gnomon (2016) Thanos Chrysakis

Jason Alder, Chris Cundy, Yoni Silver, Tim Hodgkinson  (bass clarinet)       

4. gryet.debris (2014) Hannes Kerschbaumer

Shadanga Duo: Jason Alder (clarinet), Katalin Szanyi (flute)

5. Simulacre IV (1995) Georges Aperghis

Yoni Silver (bass clarinet)

6. Entwined Equinox (2016) Thanos Chrysakis

Shadanga Duo: Jason Alder (alto clarinet), Katalin Szanyi (alto flute)


Recorded live at café OTO in London on the 10th of December 2017 by James Dunn.




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Aguirre, Louis: Yalodde Yeyé Kari, for flute/alto flute and clarinet *

Baráth, Bálint: Színakkordok (Dancing Light Column), for flute/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, and electronics *

Bozza, Eugène: Trois Mouvementsflor flute and clarinet

Carter, Elliott: Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux, for flute and clarinet

Chrysakis, Thanos: Entwined Equinox, for alto flute and alto clarinet *

Debussy, Claude/Loudová, Ivana: Syrinx/Aulos, for flute and bass clarinet

Frandsen, Matthew: Shadanga Pieces, for flute/piccolo and clarinet *

Kerschbaumer, Hannes: gryet.debris, for flute and clarinet *

McGowan, Ned: Ios, for flute and clarinet

Melo, Filip de: A Kind of Dance, for alto flute, bass clarinet, and voice *

Meyer, Rudiger: A Branch in the Path, for alto flute, bass clarinet, and mobile devices *

Muczynski, Robert: Duos for Flute and Clarinet, for flute and clarinet

Nielsen, Mette: Slow Race, for flute and E♭ clarinet *

Olsen, Ivan: Gemma, for flute and clarinet *

Rasmussen, Niels Christian: Three Movements (rev. 2 Koraler), for flute and clarinet *

Scelsi, Giacinto: Kho-Lo, for flute and C clarinet

Solti, Árpád: Shut it Down, for flute/piccolo/alto flute, bass clarinet, and tape *

Villa-Lobos, Heitor: Bachianas Brasileiras no.6, for flute and bassoon (bass clarinet)

Villa-Lobos, Heitor: Chôros no.2, for flute and A clarinet

Wu, Li-Ying: Maasklun, for flute, clarinet, and electronics *

* indicates pieces composed for the Shadanga Duo


In our devotion to the performance of new works, the Shadanga Duo maintains an ongoing Open Call for Scores. We will gladly accept scores from any composer, of any age and nationality. We cannot guarantee when or if it will be performed, but we will read through everything sent to us. Please also let us know of any previous or planned performances, or if it is a brand new work. We cannot promise any money for submitted scores, but will endeavor to generate money for selected works when possible. Please submit scores and any related materials to

 Our Open Call is for works for flute and clarinet. Addition of electronics is also possible. Scoring may be for:

 Flute- Concert C, Piccolo, Alto in G

Clarinet- B♭/A/C sopranos, E♭ Sopranino, E♭ Alto, B♭ Bass, BB♭ Contrabass

Electronics- Fixed media or live electronics, up to 8 channel speakers (For logistical reasons, any multichannel work should also be able to run in stereo). Live electronics should be for up to 2 channels of microphones, autonomous (not requiring a technician beyond normal PA duties), and must be able to run on a Macbook Pro. Software includes Max/MSP, SuperCollider, Ableton Live, Logic, ProTools, and Reaper. If you use something else, wish to involve MIDI controllers, or have any other questions about the electronics, contact Jason to discuss the possibilities.